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About All Weather Power Equipment

Your source for outdoor power equipment in Central NY

All Weather Power Equipment is the premiere source for outdoor power and lawn equipment in central New York. We have all the commercial and residential tools needed for your lawn and arbor maintenance and snow removal job.

All new Exmark, Ariens, Gravely and Toro lawnmowers and snow blowers, as well as Echo and Shindaiwa hand held products are fully assembled by our factory-trained and certified staff. We also run and test the operation of every new machine, as well as those in for service and repair prior to delivery. And whether your new mower, chain saw or snow blower is picked up in our showroom or delivered to your door, we'll provide instructions on how to run and operate each machine.

Not sure what mower, snow blower or hand held product best suits your needs? Our staff will explain the benefits and features of different options to hone in on the right equipment for your needs. You can also take advantage of the many pieces of literature that we have in store. We also stock a wide variety of accessories to extend the life of your equipment and make operating it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Live farther away and want to check out some of our units before you come out to the store? You can navigate through our website to look into the machines that we carry. Want further information on some of the features that can be found on our equipment? You can visit the manufacturer websites to find more extensive and hands on information about equipment, such as visiting to get a virtual look at the features available on Exmark machines with their new RED technology.

Whether you need a new machine, are bringing your machine in for service, or performing the work in your own garage, we can provide the resources and parts to help you accomplish your goals.

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